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Company culture transforms the way business is done.

We're recruiters that help organizations find the right people to bring new ideas to life and build the culture that shapes their future.

Our practice areas

We move well beyond the title to understand the mind behind it. We believe truly understanding an organization's culture is the only way to find the people who will thrive within it. Below are some of our current areas of focus.

Meet a Managing Partner

Kateri has over 15 years of recruiting experience with a focus on hiring people, not filling positions. Prior firms include Goldman Sachs, and Opus Advisors.

What makes us different

1 — We believe that relationships are what truly set us apart.
We work closely with pioneering organizations to not only learn why they need to hire, but to understand why someone is right for the job. And, throughout the process we will make it personal, because connecting with people is our business.

2 — We understand today's digital world.
We will help navigate the ever evolving automated world of recruiting to connect people instead of thinking of them as talent and employer. Consider us agents of growth, and resource advisors to redefine how it feels to recruit, and be recruited.

We would love to hear from you!

If you're a company looking for your next teammate, or a candidate looking to upgrade your future, please send us an email. We'd certainly love to help.

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